Bio - Loren Ybarrondo

Loren Ybarrondo achieved his Master’s degree (MS) in Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Tech with an emphasis in computer-aided graphics and design. As an engineer, Loren focused on designing and fabricating advanced mechanical systems for corporate and military applications. As he worked within the military industrial complex, Loren revisited his roots and began expressing his creative passion through imagery focusing on relaxing elements of nature. 

A trained engineer, Loren's visual compositions bridge the realms of science and art. Loren’s artistry explores the impact of advances in optics and algorithms on the way we see the natural world. An Idaho native, Loren is an experienced outdoorsman. Loren's skills facilitate his ability to capture breathtaking closeup views of wildlife and panoramic vistas in rugged terrains.

Loren’s professional work includes creating virtual tours for the Smithsonian Natural History Museum, embedding immersive and still imagery of museums and national parks in Google Maps, and developing mixed reality applications for the US Navy.